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Calculate your savings

Do you currently have solar?

If you have an existing system or not, Instyle Solar can help you save on your bills.

Do you rent, or own the property?

To install solar, you need to own your home, or have permission from the homeowner.

Do you want a full upgrade, or to expand the existing system?

Do you have any roof shading from trees or other buildings?

Shade affects the performance of solar panels.

You are eligible to get rebate upto
Our representative will contact you soon or you can also contact us at 0406 128 634

So, you’ve already installed solar. Great work!

Whether you’re in search of an upgrade, a new battery or a whole new system, Instyle Solar will be able to look after you with tailored products and a solar solution that’s right for you.

We’d love to find out more about your system and what we can do for you.